Monday, May 28, 2001


I spent some time looking at swoordfish hacking game, have no clue what so ever on what is going on. Funny though, how some people take this as serious fun, check out the messag board. I heard there is even better and much global gameplay for A.I.

Monday, May 21, 2001

Short Term Memory

Well, still up. Finished couple of pages, after strugling to recal my login. Have started doubting my short term memory a while back, even more nowadays. I should sleep more during weekdays. Naps on transit just don't cut it anymore?

Little Sleep

I always tell people how I only need very little sleep. I stayed up all night most times, doing cats know what. It's only an hour after midnight and I am fading fast. I should have smaller dinner.

First Post

opening up. Wondering what other neat stuff I can find on the web. I actually have so many other things to do. Things that are more important, always saved to be done later. Near the end of the much needed time. I like rushing, I like slowing down just so I can rush or be rushed.