Thursday, August 08, 2002

Deep Breath

I took a deep breath and sit down.
When many things happens around you, in their own tempos, slow, fast, in blurs. Things look the same before they suddenly disappeared. While you are moving fast, furious, things seem to stop, idling, but not waiting, nor caching up with you. When you stop and look back, see them racing away, sure you are to turn and chase. You see, mistakes, regrets and miss opportunities, walking hand in hands into your door of forgotten memories.
You see new friends you don't make, enemy with a knive, bloodied to the hilt. You caress the scar in your back, and another deep breath, stand to start again. Settling into the comfortable blurs, which sure to surround you in no time.

Friday, June 21, 2002

Rusty at first day of summer

Haven't done a blog in a while. A bit rusty. Have to go trough FTP site to find all the links. I am thinking of adding this feature to my work staging.
Well today is the first day of summer. It is glorious outside. Some people think Fall and Spring are the best time to be in NY, I think its Summer!
Hot and humid and bright, just the way I love it.