Monday, November 05, 2007

Self Med

I find it funny and annoying to get sick on ly on the weekends. But it seems to work that way with my body, I was build to be one of the worker bees, that even my unwell is scheduled not to interrupt my work.
Through the year, like most people I know, who exchange germs on the subway, stair railings or in the badly ventilated offices, I got sick, here and there. I anticipated this during the shifting of the seasons, flu or cold... but mostly common cold. I rarely visit doctor, unless some kind of infection involved, respiratory related. I self medicate.
Over the years I have relyed on traditional medicine I brought from home, Tiger Balm and "Minyak Tawon" or Wasp's Oil which is actually herbal mixtures with eucalyptus oil and camphor. Rubbing my self with these, mostly around the chest area, warm pajamas and layers of blankets, along with lots of sleep, occasional get-up for hot teas or warm water, would somehow guaranteed to take me out of common misery of cold. But, lately all those were just to much work! I now chose to knock my self out at night with NyQuil, and during the day prop my self up with DayQuil. Done.

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