Monday, June 18, 2007

Aqua Dream

I captured my dream this morning. This is a rare occasion. Now I wonder if all of these are actually my creation?
  • I was in a gallery for an installation type show by young Spanish/Latin artist.
  • Lots of blue, cobalt deep kind of blue.
  • Stacks of aquariums with animal colorful performance in habitat, genetically altered.
  • Fish fulling another fish from attaching to something or brest feeding on the glass wall.
  • Big underwater animal giving birth or laying egg? while attaching to the glass wall, viewer has all the exposure.
  • Sea horse type chained with jewels studded leash to the aquarium floor.
  • Human mom giving birth or exercise with babies underwater.
  • Large reclining Budha type sculptures.
  • All these seems to be packed in small dark gallery room.
Next room the show was about Japanese artist who is collaborating with is son on story book, thin paper with pencil and label type pasted from under the paper. The work displayed on big table sliced off a tree trunk.

Then I woke up.

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Harold said...

nice drawing

give me a call